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it consultancy kenya nairobi

We run your IT department so that you focus on your core business. We set up a robust infrastructure that guarantees over 90% uptime and in case of any failure our staff will resolve all your IT issues efficiently and effectively. Our support team is available 24-7 to deal with any issues you may have at any one time. Call our hotline: 0723243983 Now!

Servers & Networks allthingsit

Client-Server setups demand a sound configuration strategy that should ensure that users have 24 hour uptime and that data is secure. In the unexpected case of server failure, there should be backups to provide seamless continuity and minimal disturbance. We, at AllThingsIT have the experience to guarantee this. Contact us to get your servers running reliably and securely.

allthingsit surveillance

Data is the most valuable asset to any company. It is imperative that any company’s data is secured at all costs. Security is in the form of: 1.) physical security (CCTV, Armed Guards, Safes, Alarm and Biometric Systems ) and 2.) software security. (Backup and Encryption) Get in touch with us to secure your data.