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Web Development

AllThingsIT started as a web company first, we’ve been at it since mid-2004. If you need fast loading speeds, not-too-fast flashy sites, CMS – whatever you need, we’ll deliver

School/Institution Systems

We have developed databases for institutions, timetabling/scheduling software, school management systems – Payroll, Fees, administration, inventory. etc. and can develop so much more

PC Hardware

Do you need to buy a machine/PC and dont know where to go, or whether what you bought or its warranty is genuine? We take care of all this for you – with a guarantee & take care of all warranty issues

Customised Systems

Have you tried getting a system/software without success? Give us a call we arrange a sitting. We might just have what you need.

Web-based Manuals

We have developed numerous web-based manuals for our clients. They are small, portable, can be server-based and can do pretty much anything a website can.