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The School Management System kenya is a web based software that automates the entire institution’s departments (a combination of a number of independent systems in one):

A Payroll System for the institution, Leave Managements System, An Attendance System,  Student Management System, An Exam Management System,  An Asset Register, Finance System for Income & Expenditure and an SMS system.

The System handles the following:

1. Courses and Student groups:

The School Management System Kenya handles multiple courses and student groups at a go.

2. School Human Resources:

A module to manage the school’s workforce. (Payroll, Leave, Payslips)

3. Student Attendance:

Manage and track the attendance of students using the functions in this module.

4. Examination records:

All the features you need to successfully create and conduct evaluation of students using examinations are available in this module.

5. Student Admission:

Takes care of the profiling of students. The data entered through the admission form are stored for future processing. You can add guardians and other important details of the student.

6. News Management:

A news module which shows school updates to all the logged in users. There is also an internal messaging system for easy and transparent communication across departments and persons.

7. User Management:

This is a module to set privileges for the different user levels to protect information.

8. Finance:

A module to manage the finances of the college. E.g. Fees, transactions, petty cash

9. Student Information:

A module that provides all student information in an innovative way.

10. Employee Login:

A platform for staff to view their profiles, apply leave, view payslips amongst other things.

11. Student/Parent Login:

Through this, students and parents can view student reports, fee status, events among other things pertaining to a student.


The school management system kenya is designed to substantially reduce manual processing of records in schools. It provides new as well as historical records for reference to help in fees collection, results confirmation and/or any other school function.

 School Management System Kenya:

ο   Provides a cheap BULK SMS facility to communicate news, emergencies, results, fees position or attendance directly to the parent/student/staff.

ο   Can cater for  local institutions with complex needs, including weighted exams.

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